What are these noises coming from my garage door?

We know that it can be a bit disconcerting when your garage door begins to make you laugh because of the crazy sounds it makes. You might a bit worried, but then your mind is put to rest when it continues to open with a push of the remote button.
Your inside voice, however, keeps telling you to do something about it before it’s too late and your car gets stuck inside because the door won’t open. Talk about one of those mornings!
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So many surfaces, so many choices

If you’re thinking about resurfacing your driveway, you might be wondering just how to choose the right surface material for your home. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed the pros and cons of the main driveway surface types to help make your decision easier.
Whatever the motives behind your choice, you’re bound to find the right driveway surface for you.
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Start Your Spring Seedlings in the Garage

Do you want to have a full and beautiful outdoor space with bright flowers and annuals? Do you want your garden to provide you with a bounty of fresh vegetables? If you love to garden, you know just how difficult it can be to get those plants started and to keep them healthy. However, there is a fantastic way to help improve your garden’s potential. You can start to sow your own seeds, and best of all, you can do it right in your garage. It is a fantastic way to make sure you have healthy plants that you are putting in the soil.
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The Unrecognized Strength of Your Garage Door

We’re willing to bet you’ve never considered all the things your garage door does for you. When you consider the performance challenges that garage doors undergo, many of which owners never even think about, you just might not look at this piece of machinery the same way again. In addition, you’ll also start to understand just how important it is that you invest in a quality door that is installed by professionals to ensure it operates properly.
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Is Insulating Your Garage Worthwhile?

While insulating a garage may be a common practice, we often wonder if it is actually worthwhile. Does it really keep the heat inside? There are no standards or regulations for detached garages, and attached garages often have mixed rules as well. While insulating your garage may be useful for temperature control, is it really worth it? There are no forced standards, and houses often don’t come with garage insulations. Many like to insulate their ceilings for a certain R-value, but even then, it might not even be necessary.
So, what are the benefits of insulating a garage? For most, it’s all about comfort. People like to insulate their garages for a variety of reasons. Insulating your garage can help to modify the usefulness and comfort of the garage itself.
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Which Is Better: Two Garage Doors or a Large Double Door?

The garage door to your home is the largest moving part of the entire structure and prominently faces the street. In short, choosing the right one is a big deal. When it comes to making this decision, you’ll have to choose between two single doors or one large double door.
The following are some important details to consider when choosing something so important.
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Transform Your Garage into a Safe Haven for Your Dog

You may think that your garage is a perfectly acceptable place for your dog while you’re out during the day as it is, with no modifications. In some ways, that’s true. However, it probably isn’t the most comfortable place for him or her, and chances are good that without some work, there are threats to your dog’s safety in your garage. Below, we’ll take a look at how to transform your entire garage into an area where your dog can stay safe, happy and threat-free while you’re gone.
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Choosing the Best Garage Door Opener

garage door opener
It’s not something that many people think about when making a shopping list, but choosing the best garage door opener can make a significant difference in your daily routine. When everything operates smoothly as you leave or arrive home, you can enjoy your home and focus on more important things. Here are some factors to consider as you shop for the best, most reliable garage door opener.

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