Our showroom in Greensburg

Are you ready to get started with a new renovation project for your home? Do you have all the information you need, but still require an estimate and an idea of the materials you’ll require to finish the job?

Let us help you to get all of those things, and more!

Garage Doors Galore

If you haven’t headed over to our Design Centre yet, you might want to take a look at the great computer modelling tools we make available. You can come up with a digital model of your plans and we can help you work with them to come up with exactly what you need. Even if you haven’t taken this step, however, we can certainly help.

The professionals at Crosby Garage Door Co. are here to make sure that you get exactly the materials and the assistance you need so that you can bring your project to life. We can work with your photos, plans, drawings and your Design Centre model to figure out how to get your project done. If you have paint swatches of your windows, house exterior and front door color, we encourage you to bring them in to help with the effort.

A Variety of doors

Visit our showroom in Greenburg and you’ll find plenty of doors to choose from. We put these products on display, which allows you to get a look at them in real life and to make decisions based on your vision, combined with seeing the reality of what you could have right in front of you. Our consultants are here to help, ensuring that your garage door is exactly what you have in mind.

Every garage door project entails some common questions that have to be answered. We’re here to help with this, as well. These questions will generally include the following, and you’ll want to make sure you know the answers before you proceed with your project.

  • Is your garage heated at present or do you want it heated?
  • Is there a room located over your garage door?
  • How about windows, do you want them in your garage door?
  • Are there restrictions that apply to your neighbourhood?
  • How would you describe the architectural style of your home?
  • Is your garage used to store your auto or for other purposes?

The showroom offers plenty of advantages:

  • You get to see the garage door options up close
  • If you’re concerned about insulation, sturdiness and so forth, you can examine the garage doors
  • You can see subtle differences between similar models
  • You can investigate the options for garage door windows
  • You can consider the LiftMasterTM garage door opener and other choices

Make it a reality

We’ll make sure that you have informational brochures and other materials when you leave, so you can decide on your own time with all of the information in front of you. If you wish, we can also prepare an estimate for you, with no obligation on your part whatsoever.

Showroom in Greensburg
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